Democracy North: Bianca Wylie on Making Smart Cities Inclusive

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Apologies for the poor audio quality the radio station had an actual fire alarm blasting thru the station!

Conversation between Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto and Bianca Wylie

As we slide into late stage capitalism how is capital using “innovation,” “disruption,”  and “Smart Cities” gospel used to hide privatization agendas and corporate welfare.

As Sidewalk Toronto promotes a new model in urban life, and accesses waterfront land – are they not employing the same future fantasies Vancouver experienced with Concord Pacific? Is Smart City rhetoric teh same narraytive use dto promote gentrification when it was called Creatiev Cities? Is there any coincidence eth same huckster Richard Florida is championing bottom-up smart cities when he championed flippong industruial lands for creative condo sales? Is there any difference with major developers trumpeting buzzwords  as they attempt to repurpose public lands for public profits? How is technology used to sell these ideas? Can technology make life better for all people? Who decides and who writes the policy?

To answer some of these questions, Irwin Oostindie sat down with Bianca Wylie, one of Canada’s leading advocates for technology justice – My conversation with Bianca was recorded on the side of RightsCon – the global digital human rights conference held in May in Toronto.

Bianca Wylie is an open government advocate with a dual background in technology and public engagement.  She leads work on public sector technology policy for Canada at Dgen Network and is the co-founder of Tech Reset Canada.  Bianca is also a Senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation in the Global Economy program. She worked for several years in the tech sector in operations, infrastructure, corporate training, and product management, most recently at Thomson Reuters. As a facilitator at Swerhun Inc., she designed, delivered and supported public consultation processes for various governments and government agencies. In 2014, Bianca founded the Open Data Institute Toronto.  She is a civic tech columnist at Torontoist , with recent columns also published in The Globe and Mail and Huffington Post Canada. Bianca currently sits on the the Toronto Public Library’s Innovation Council. And she is a frequent speaker on open government and public sector technology policy.


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