Democracy North: Indigenous Responses to Canada Buying Tarsands Pipeline

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3:00 Introduction by today’s host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

5:00 Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced the government’s plan for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.  We hear about the decades of abuse of Indigenous Peoples’ unfettered rights. Morneau announced that the federal government will buy the existing Kinder Morgan pipeline and its expansion project for a price tag of $4.5 billion. That doesn’t include the cost of building the pipeline, which has climbed well above $7.4 billion, although the company has declined to update its spending estimates. When asked by reporters, Morneau twice dodged the question of how much additional money the government would need to spend on construction. (Ricochet Media)


11:30 INTERVIEW: William George, Tsleil-Waututh Watch House Guardian (photo at left)

17:00 MUSIC: Ostwelve – Remix of the Sto:lo Protectors track
This is dedicated to the land defenders and protectors of matriarchy that connect us to this land. #HandsRightUp

21:00 INTERVIEW: Ethan Cox of Ricochet Media – The Texas oil company’s problem is now our problem, and it’s all thanks to Justin Trudeau, says Ethan Cox.

32:00 Chief Bob Chamberlain, UBCIC response

36:00 Andrew Scheer federal Conservative Party leader

38:00 Eriel Tchekwie Deranger is an Indigenous rights advocate and member of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation
In reflection on today’s announcement on the KM bail out. As an Indigenous person from the Tar Sands territory a lot of people think this project and these actions are shocking. They aren’t. This is the Canada that most Indigenous people have always known.

The history of the appropriation of Indigenous lands and territories by government in collusion with private corporations for projects “IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST” is one deeply embedded in this country’s colonial history. The Canadian Northern and Pacific Railroads, massive water diversion projects, forestry initiatives, farming lands, fur trades and trap lines, diamonds, cooper, gold, potash, uranium, oil, gas, salt, rocks and the list and names of the corporations goes on and on.

I am known for being from a community impacted by Tar Sands extraction, but I am also from a community that has been impacted by Mega Hydro (to the west via the Bennett and Site C Dams), Uranium mining (northern Saskatchewan on the other side of lake Athabasca), and diamond and other precious metal mining (to the north of us in the North west territories). All of these projects deemed of greater important and in the public interest. Money has continually trumped our rights to the lands, our rights to safe healthy communities, our rights to the survival of our culture.

Today we are witnessing this insatiable greed and hunger for power trump white privilege. Today colonialism’s best friend capitalism is rearing it’s ugly head and saying it’s bigger and better than any other need or people. After all, we did give corporations personhood.

Don’t let today’s decision dissuade you from believing you can bring about change. My family was forcibly removed from our trap line in 1979 for uranium – by armed security from a Uranium mining company. Yet, I still stand here, a proud Indigenous woman, fighting for my communities rights. Just like every other Indigenous person, we have lived through hundreds of years of attempted genocide, forced assimilation and despicable tactics of subjugation and oppression. Yet, we are still here and we still fight for our rights

Let’s stand together and ensure this project is never built, stop the tar sands from growing, stop tanker traffic and stop the madness and start healing the land and taking aggressive steps towards pulling ourselves out of the colonial mindset and build a true just transition and future that respect everyone.

41:00 MUSIC: Alchemaná – Revolution

44:45 Khelsilem, Elected Squamish Councillor

46:30 Cedar Parker-George and Rueben George, Tsleil-Waututh Nation Sacred Trust

54:00 Clayton Thomas-Mueller,

55:00 Melina Laboucan Massimo, a long-time Indigenous and environmental activist from the Lubicon Cree.






Mixed reaction greets Canada’s announcement that it is buying Trans Mountain pipeline project

There was mixed reaction the Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s announcement that Canada is buying the Trans Mountain expansion project for a whopping $4.5 billion. Some are applauding Trudeau’s commitment to jobs and the economy. While others say he is ignoring First Nation communities who do not want the new pipeline to run through their communities.



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