Democracy North: Spotlight on Psychiatric Rights in BC

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Today’s host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

It has been months since Vancouver’s Community Legal Assistance Society I(CLAS) released what is without doubt the most comprehensive and important investigative report on British Columbia’s system for detaining people in psychiatric hospitals that has appeared in twenty years: Operating in Darkness: BC’s Mental Health Act Detention System. 

In response, members of the community have published their own response and we hear their voices on today’s program. The Spotlight report can be downloaded here:

5:00 Interview: Irit Shimrat edited Phoenix Rising: The Voice of the Psychiatrized and, later, The Networker (newsletter of the West Coast Mental Health Network); co-founded and coordinated the Ontario Psychiatric Survivors’ Alliance; and has spoken out against psychiatry at conferences and in various media. Her book Call Me Crazy: Stories from the Mad Movement was published in Vancouver in 1997 and is available used online.

22:00 Interview: Ron Wipond in Calgary. Rob Wipond is an award-winning investigative journalist who has reported extensively on the mental health system. His writing has been published in popular magazines like Focus and Adbusters and in scientific journals and books, including The BMJ (British Medical Journal), Radical Psychology, and Mad Matters: A Critical Reader in Mad Studies. Some of his work can be seen at

42:00 Interview: Ronda E. Richardson, Canadian artist and writer who seeks to bring awareness to the stories of those who, like herself, have been made invisible by psychiatric diagnosis and trauma. She is also a Hearing Voices Network facilitator. You can see her work at

Music on today’s show:

“Shake It Out” — Florence + The Machine

“Fight Song” — Rachel Platten

Home” — Meg Hutchinson. I won’t tell you what I’ve seen / Only that this world can be so mean / Brave souls shuffling up and down the halls / No one visits no one even calls / Did you wait there too? “She’s a singer/songwriter with bipolar disorderwho’s an open mental health advocate and panelist for Active Minds. This song is about her recovery.” — Nicole Moreland

Additional Reading and Resources

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Phoenix Rising: The Voice of the Psychiatrized. (Canadian antipsychiatry magazine, 1980-1990).

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Psychiatric News: A Chronicle of Human Rights Violations and Crimes by the Psychiatric Industry.

Psychiatric Survivor Archives of Toronto.


Ronda Richardson Net.

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Study More: Psychiatric Survivor

Thomas S. Szasz, M.D. Cybercenter for Liberty and

Western Mass Recovery Learning

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