Democracy North: Another Apology to Chinese Immigrants to Coast Salish Lands

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07:30 PROGRAM STARTS with today’s host: Irwin Oostindie @DutchPhoto

“On this day on behalf of city council and city of Vancouver, I sincerely apologize for these past injustices and their cruel effects on individuals and their families and commit to ensuring that similar unjust practices are never again allowed to fall on any group or community.” (photo of Mayor Gregor Robertson by The Canadian Press)

Vancouver officially apologized this week for the historical discrimination against the city’s Chinese residents. Mayor Robertson delivered the apology for past legislation, regulations and policies of previous Vancouver City Councils that harmed residents of Chinese descent.

The Globe and Mail reports that “Vancouver City Council disqualified Chinese-Canadians from voting between 1886 and 1948. The city advocated for federal discriminatory immigration policies, including the Head Tax and Chinese Immigration Act, which was also known as the Chinese Exclusion Act. Chinese-Canadian citizens and immigrants were barred from civic employment from 1890 until 1952, and some city policies and practices attempted to segregate them in schools, swimming pools and other public areas, including residential housing areas, hospitals and even cemeteries.”

We hear Mayor Gregor Robertson, Larry Grant, and other voices.

35:00 INTERVIEW: Sophie Fung, Organizer, Chinatown Action Group 

We listen to the apology and discuss its importance and the challenges of apologies decades late.

Chinatown Action Group is a collective of people of Chinese descent fighting for social justice in Chinatown and building a progressive left voice within the Chinese community.




Our Story: Chinese Head Tax Mash Up (plus Exclusion!) 

No Luck Club created the audio track and Sid Tan added  visuals for this video mix, archived by community television activists of the Saltwater City Television Collective.

45:30 Redress Remix by No Luck Club

A commissioned track for the Redress Remix documentary. Visit for more info.

Responding to the government apology for historic wrongs against Chinese British Columbians

From November 17, 2013 until January 31, 2014, the BC government held public consultation sessions so that people could express their opinions about the wording of the formal apology that the government plans to give the Chinese Canadian community for historical wrongs.  Sid Chow Tan and Anushka Nagji spoke at the session that was held in Vancouver at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver on January 12th.

Audio for today’s program was provided Elwin Xie (ACCESS TV). who shares his appreciations to Mayor Robertson, members of Council, and retiring Deputy City Manager Wendy Au.

Cover Photo for today’s podcast from City of Vancouver Archives Bu N158.2 

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